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Randy Caulk The Log Home Industry has been my passion for the past twenty-five years. During this time, I've witnessed the log home transform from a "dirt floor mentality" novelty item into a legitimate and universally recognized homebuilding alternative. The opportunity I've had to play a major role in the development of the industry I love so much has been an exciting adventure to say the least. I've experienced it through the eyes of a product developer, a sales professional, a customer service representative, as a manufacturer, a builder, a customer and, finally, as the president of a large corporation. Now, as a Log Home Industry Consultant, and backed by a team of seasoned professionals, my desire is to offer practical advice and solutions for individuals and companies who serve to benefit.

Construction I understand the critical decisions facing the prospective log home buyer. The buying process alone can be daunting and often confusing. What company do I buy from? What's the best log system? How much should I pay? One wrong decision can literally mean the difference between fulfilling a lifelong dream and realizing a homeowner's worst nightmare. Having insight of the entire industry including how log home companies conduct business make me specifically qualified to successfully navigate you along your journey.

Existing log home owners are often faced with an entirely different set of circumstances. Although log homes are renowned for their endurance and longevity, problems sometimes arise. Given the uniqueness of the product, homeowners are often unsure where to turn for solutions. My technical expertise and construction knowledge combined with many years of trouble-shooting experience can provide homeowners with practical answers to difficult situations.

House Finally, I understand the direct challenges facing today's log home professional; the manufacturer, the dealer, the builder and the supplier. I have walked in your shoes and been entrusted the responsibility of creating a better product, building a better home and operating a profitable business. My knowledge obtained and lessons learned are valuable assets to any company seeking a better position in today's highly competitive market.

Wood Block Providing a unique perspective on the log home industry is my goal. To serve those who make it such a wonderful industry is my desire. Feel free to take a few moments to browse my website and see how I can help you with your particular needs.

Randy Fudge

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