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About Randy Fudge

Randy at Desk Randy Fudge is a Log Home Industry Consultant with over twenty-five years of related experience. Randy is widely recognized as an industry leader, with the reputation for integrity and professionalism. He has spent his entire career dedicated to bettering the product, his company and the log home industry, with the vital understanding that the welfare of the customer is the most important thing of all.

Randy's interest in building homes came at an early age. As a child, he spent many hours with his dad, a homebuilder and commercial contractor, working on job sites and learning the craft. He developed a love for the work and the sense of accomplishment experienced upon seeing the progress at the end of the day.

Randy enrolled at Western Kentucky University in 1982 to pursue his dream of a career in construction management. Here he majored in Industrial Technology with a concentration in Architectural Design and Building Construction. Randy excelled in his studies, earning the Academic Achievement Award, an honor presented to the top student in his / her major. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor's Degree in 1987.

While attending Western, Randy had the opportunity to study alternative construction techniques and methods. It was during this time that Randy was first introduced to the world of log home construction. He was hooked. After a research trip to a local log home manufacturer, Randy was excited at what the future could hold.

Upon graduating college, a chance encounter led him to another manufacturer, Honest Abe Log Homes, Inc. headquartered in Moss, Tennessee. Randy was hired, and went on to establish a career that would span over a quarter-century.

Randy began his career in research and development. Here he was responsible for developing and testing new products to bring to the marketplace. His work was highlighted by the creation of several new log wall systems and building techniques as well as a comprehensive energy study that compared log wall and stud framed construction. Randy later expanded his role by accepting responsibilities for customer service and as a sales representative. It was then he fully realized the importance of providing quality products and services to the customer.

In the early nineties, Randy expanded his career into management. Returning to his first love, construction, Randy created the Construction Department for the company. During this time, he recruited and built a network of builders and subcontractors to provide labor to construct Honest Abe homes. This turned out to be a highly successful venture for the company, responsible for creating a considerable amount of company growth and revenue. During this period, Randy managed and supervised construction for over 1000 homes.

A promotion to Vice-President in 1998 led an expanded role in the over-all direction of the company. Randy was instrumental in creating new company policies and was responsible for creating and maintaining the pricing structure for all new homes and products. It was his achievements in internal company management that led to him being named Vice-President of Company Operations in 2005. He assumed responsibility for all company operations that included Scheduling, Design and Engineering, Manufacturing, Delivery, Construction and Customer Service.

Upon the retirement of the Company President in 2007, Randy was faced with his biggest challenge to date. A recession of historic proportions led to the decimation of the housing market. The log home industry was hit particularly hard with many companies forced to go out of business. It was during this crisis that Randy performed perhaps the most gratifying work of his career. Leading a seasoned group of associates, Randy and the team re-organized the company profile and found new and inventive ways to survive the crisis. Honest Abe not only weathered the storm, but attained a new level of admiration as a stable force in the log industry. Randy was named President of Honest Abe Log Homes in 2010.

After a long, productive and enjoyable career at Honest Abe, Randy felt it time for a change. Having seen his career and the industry come full circle, Randy decided it was time to leave the company and pursue a new opportunity. Randy realized the need for an independent authority on the log home industry and decided to utilize his knowledge and years of experience helping those in search of answers.

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