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Potential Homeowners

Randy MeetingHouse ConstructionFor potential homeowners, the decision to buy is probably the largest investment he or she will make. Purchasing a log home can often times be a very confusing and stressful process. When researching the product, a buyer is typically bombarded with conflicting information from competing log home companies. Or, if the buyer is looking at an existing log home, he or she may lack the expertise to properly evaluate the product. The subsequent confusion often leads a prospective buyer to make poor decisions. And poor decisions make for a disastrous home buying experience.

In order to reduce the likelihood of problems, a buyer is wise to seek the help of an independent, third party advisor who thoroughly understands the product as well as the home buying process. After all, most people hire financial advisors to manage their investments and accountants to handle their taxes because they trust these professionals to posses the knowledge to make wise decisions with their money. So why risk your biggest financial investment by going it alone?

My goal is to help the buyer through this process and work with them to make decisions that are better suited for their budget and their aspirations. By utilizing my expertise, I can help you through the decision making process by taking your input and crafting it into ideas and suggestions that will help you to better navigate the process and get you the home you are looking for.

Randy Corner

Consultation is offered on a variety of subjects including:

  • Determining the needs and goals of the client
  • What to really consider before you buy
  • Realistic expectations of log home ownership
  • Budgets and affordability
  • Understanding a company's product line and services
  • Design elements
  • Material specifications
  • How to get the best value per dollar
  • Understanding a company's terms and agreements
  • Payment schedules
  • Contract specifications
  • Functioning as a liaison between the buyer and the company
  • How to negotiate
  • Site preparation and package delivery
  • Jobsite inspections and builder training
  • Log home structural component inspections

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